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Who Let the Dork Out? by Sidin Vadukut

Posted by RB Kollannur on March 30, 2014

Note: This review is part of a weekly book review column that I write for City Journal, an English newspaper based in Thrissur, Kerala.

Published on 02/01/2013

Publisher – Penguin; Year of Publication – 2012; Pages – 255; Cost at the time of purchase – Rs. 199

Robin “Einstein” Varghese is back, fumbling through another gem of a story with unsurpassable clumsiness, complete lack of intellect and excessive belief of self worth, and still manages to gets away with all of it as usual by the end. I had started my book review column with the second book of Sidin Vadukut’s Dork trilogy, God Save the Dork, when it was published late last year. Now the author has completed his laugh riot with its third and final instalment.

The last of the Dork books continues on with the general theme of clumsiness and comedy by the central character, Robin Varghese, though the author has chosen a more serious topic in the book; that of political corruption. While the first books had the protagonist as a small time business consultant who deals in corrupt business practices, the latest book has him heading (in the interim) the Indian unit of a global consultancy minor, who has been drafted in to be a consultant (of the Nira Radia variety) for a central government ministry dealing with a global sports event.

Hilarity ensues after the minister is send to jail and Varghese has now got to handle the affairs on behalf of the minister and in typical Indian Stretchable Time fashion, all projects are lagging behind in everything and needs more luck than Steven Bradbury to come through with flying colours (of t shirts). While the book is an obvious satire of the corruption saga tied on with the 2010 Commonwealth Games, coming in 2012, it is unlikely the general public can remember that far back in the past to connect the dots. After all, public memory is reputedly very short.

Nevertheless, Dork 3 is a complete laugh riot, but carries a stronger message than the previous ones. I had initially wondered how Vadukut could sustain the momentum of the first two books and build on it (and not have a copycat book by rehashing earlier themes). Dealing with events that may still be in many readers’ memory he has managed to achieve it.


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