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au revoir, Chennai

Posted by RB Kollannur on January 27, 2009

Author’s note : The post was written on January 2, 2009.

I start off late in the evening bidding a final farewell to my roomates as they help me get an auto to the railway station. I have been in Chennai for the past 21 months and time has finally come for me to depart.

The auto slowly wades through the heavy traffic on the LB Road.

The first two months were not easy either. I didn’t have a place to stay for a while hopping from one place to another. But everything else went fine. The job was good and the weather was fine, but most of all I had good friends, both at work and in the city, who helped me out. Soon I found a place, the seventh in three months, where I would stay for the rest of my tenure in the city.

The traffic has now eased up as we approach the Santhome High Road running alongside the Marina Beach. It’s pretty windy out here, with the cool sea breeze coming in.

The first year went on smoothly. Few of my MBA batchmates joined later on and a social circle developed. New opportunities came up at work every now and then as I added onto my job profile. The first year was mostly positive, except one or two sad notes.

Looks like there is a road block up ahead. The auto may need to take a diversion. Good thing I had started early and have some time in hand.

Second year, though, was a complete contrast. Leaving my job wasn’t easy, but it had to be done. It was bit of a paradox. Normally, it is the company which dismisses employees for not meeting their standards. I’ll be the first to admit, though, that hunting for new job didn’t go as per plan, not that I could have done any better. Blaming recession or the Satyam debacle is just a meek excuse, since I’ve searching well before that (And was surprised by neither events). Perhaps….

Finally reached the station. The auto guy asks for an extra 10. Sigh. They’ll never change. The coolies queue up, but I ignore them as usual. Bought a bottle of water and sipped a few drops as I watched the display of train timing refreshing before my eyes, the old ones fading from the view.

Memories of Chennai slip by. I’ll miss my friends in Chennai, since they’ve reached out to me and tried to help out the last year (Some have already left Chennai, though). I’ll also miss the Landmark and Sathyam. Both were part of my weekend routine starting with browsing with books and at times buying a few at the Landmark, couple of movies at Sathyam and a long walk back to my apartment in Thiruvanmiyur.

The train has reached the station. I climb on and it departs. Time to go home, grinding the hours away.

Life moves on…..


2 Responses to “au revoir, Chennai”

  1. Gayatri said

    very well written!

  2. Arby K said

    Thanks, Gayatri. And thanks for dropping by.

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