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Movie Reviews – Aegan & Fashion

Posted by RB Kollannur on October 31, 2008

Aegan, the new Ajith / Nayantara starrer is loosely adapted from “Mein Hoon Na”. Ajith plays a hardhitting cop (Siva), sent by his father (the police commissioner), to watch over Pooja. Her father (Devan) is an informant on a mafia boss, who is out to kill him. I am sure most of u have seen “Mein Hoon Na”, so I’ll dispense with the plotline (Last checked the wiki for the movie has the story of Mein Hoon Na copy pasted in its plotline). There are some minor differences, like there is no Sunil Shetty character to enroll as a Professor, Siva’s father is alive and he doesn’t know that about his brother (Naren) and mother when he arrives in college. Beyond that, the role of Pooja and Naren are decreased as compared to Lucky and Sanjana in “Mein Hoon Na” and the romance between Siva and Mallika (the Chemistry Professor played by Nayantara) is played up.

One thing abt Tamil movies is that the heroes are always one with the Force. So, don’t be surprising to see Siva perform a Jedi push to disperse his enemies. Jayaram plays the role of Boman Irani and pulls it off with class. Cochin Hanifa has a good cameo as Ajith’s sidekick. Piaa and Navdeep fails to match the pair of Zayed and Amritha in “Mein Hoon Na”, but this is mostly because they were largely left in the background. Ajith performs okay, while Nayantara’s role is to look beautiful (Which  she does with style) and watch the movie from the sidelines. Suman as the villain fails to impress, though he has a sidekick who tries to make up for it with weak jokes. On the whole, the movie is watchable, even if u have seen “Mein Hoon Na”. Jayaram and Cochin Hanifa provides a fair enough deviation to make it different.

Fashion is the story of the fall from grace of Shonali (Kangana Ranaut), a high running model who rules the runway, before she gets sidelined by another model who her boss had an eye for. Her career goes into a downward spiral and she gets increasingly addicted to drug and more and more isolated from the industry. An attempt to resurrect her career becomes a catastrophe because of a wardrobe malfunction. She recedes further from the society till she suffers from an overdose and disappears from the scene hopping from one rehab to another.

Okay, this is the movie Madhur Bhandarkar should have made. Instead he chose to make a movie about Meghna (Priyanka Chopra) the small town girl who comes to the big city to become a super model. She has help from an aspiring designer, Rohit Khanna, who has some contacts with the industry. Her innocence and attitude catches the eye of a popular publisher, Sareen (Arbaz Khan), who falls for her. Later, he replaces Shonali with Meghna, making her an overnight success at Shonali’s expense. Meghna proceeds to have an affair with Sareen as well. Later she also falls from the top like Shonali, though under different circumstances.

Kangana Ranaut pulls off a brilliant performance as Shonali, while Priyanka Chopra as Meghna has an average role to play. The story of Meghna fails to impress. The character of Shonali takes all the glory. There are moments in Meghna’s downfall, when the viewers are expected to feel sorry for her character. Except it is not so. The trafic fate of Shonali lingers in the mind, overriding any sympathy for Shonali. The movie is way too long (2:45 hours) trying to show both stories, though the spotlight is clearly on Priyanka. It is filled with innuendoes about homosexual designers, drug abuse in the industry and to an extent, the casting couch. But most of it stays in the background, more like an inside gag or an addon, rather than a plot changer. The support cast has a decent performance as well, though there is a tendency for people to completely disappear from the storyline only to see them back again after an hour or so.

For me, the most emotional moment in the movie was when Shonali suffers from a wardrobe malfunction (No, it’s not what u think). The expression on Kangana’s face showed emotional distraught and the viewers could easily empathize with the vulnerable state she was in having reached the lowest point in her life. Pity, Madhur Bandarkar chose to use her in short bursts. I wonder how the movie would have turned out had he done it differently.

For a movie that was about the fashion industry, Kangana Ranaut was clearly the showstopper.


One Response to “Movie Reviews – Aegan & Fashion”

  1. garg007 said

    ya…i agree…but i guess it was priyanka who steal the show…

    in case a nice movie…a worth watch


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