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Pappu’s Violent Streak and the Worst Super Hero of the Year

Posted by RB Kollannur on October 4, 2008

“Thabhi mujhe samajh gaya ki tumare antar violent streak hein” (I understood then that you had a violent streak in you) – Inspector Waghmare in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.

With Jaane Tu fresh in memories, the viewers are bound to compare the two recent Imran Khan movies. Gone is the nice guy Jai Singh Rathod, enter Kabir epitomizing revenge and anger. Kabir, a juvenile offender, send to jail under dubious circumstances by a rich industrialist distraught over concerns of his daughter’s life. Now out of prison after seven years, Kabir is out to get revenge on the industrialist by kidnapping his daughter (Sonia played by Minissha Lamba) and making him do his bidding in return of freeing her. Vikrant Raina (Sanjay Dutt) has to collect some clues, do some tasks and figure out what everything meant if he is to see his daughter again. In the process, he also gets to make up with his ex-wife (Vidya Malvade) whom he still loves. The plot is weak and mostly predictable and there is no suspense in waiting. My only doubt was whether Kabir will be killed or not in the end (I should have remembered I was watching a Bollywood movie). It is easy to understand Kabir’s hunger for revenge. Put in prison for stealing a car (and kidnapping a young Sonia, who jumps into the car) while trying to take an injured friend to hospital, one tends to empathize with Kabir for his hardships.

Imran looks to be stuck in “the violent streak” mode which Paresh Rawal mentions in Jaane Tu. His face is unchanged throughout the movie and his acting seems to be straight out of Joey Tribbiani’s acting handbook. Acting is average at the best and relies more on Minissha Lamba’s lack of a proper wardrobe to keep the audience glued to the set. Sanjay Dutt’s performance do not earn much attention neither does Vidhya Malvade, who plays Minissha’s mother (Wasn’t she one of the Chak De girls?).

The movie was watchable, partly due to Minissha’s skin show, if you want to see that. For me the only high point of the movie was a chase between Imran and Sanjay Dutt across the urban Mumbai, straight out Sebastien Foucan’s (Remember Casino Royale starting scenes) freerunning handbooks.

Harry Potter Aditya is a young boy in a European city living with adopted parents. He is forced to live in a cupboard the attic, while the parents mother dotes on their birth son. When he grows up he realizes there is more to him than he was told. He is a wizard king and his parents were father was killed by an evil wizard asura seeking immortality. He now has to prevent the wizard asura from getting the Sorcerer’s Stone amrith, which can give the drinker immortality. He has certain clues to get to his destination and he has the help of Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley Sonia to figure them out before the villain gets there. The wizard asura has his own followers, the Death Eaters people with hooded masks who look like a cross of the Nazgul and the Death Eaters, to help him.

I expected much more from Drona. Kidnap was understandable. If it was not for Jaane Tu, not many would have considered going for the movie. But Abhishek Bachchan does not have an excuse. Seeing the credits in the start, I presume the movie is for kids, but I very much doubt the kids will like any bit of it. I do not know what is there to like about in this film. The movie follows a badly choreographed scavenger hunt, collecting horses and swords on the way to find amrith. The clues were so bad that it made me feel the ones in Kidnap were better. As a hero, Drona is a failure. He keeps up messing up stuff and fails to live up to the tag of a super hero. In the end, he is lucky to get some divine intervention to make up for his mistakes and save the day. Halfway through the movie, I was already longing for the end (It may also be because I was worried about missing the last bus home and having to resort to the expensive autos). In one of his interviews, Abhishek Bachchan talks about how Drona is a king and not a supernatural superhero. Unfortunately, the movie fails to support his view.

Afterthought : Before you demonize all asura, check out Ahura Mazda on wiki.  And yeah, there is a town  in Drona straight out the sets of Dick Tracy and Speed Racer.


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