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Tamil Movie Reviews, For A Change

Posted by RB Kollannur on September 11, 2008

Dhaam Dhoom is a movie I have been looking forward to watch for a while. The musical score was impressive and the storyline seemed interesting. Also, there was Kangana Ranaut. Jayam Ravi plays Gautham Subramaniam, an Indian doctor who has been framed for murder in Moscow after going there on an international symposium. He “hooks up” with a Russian model at the Moscow, who unknown to him was smuggling drugs, and wakes up to find here dead in his hotel room. He has difficulty in communicating, with the Russians reluctant to use English. To make things worse, he is hunted by a group of assassins, who intends to seem him silenced and pose no more trouble for them. He receives help from aarthi Chinnappa, a local lawyer of Indian origin (Lakshmi Rai) and Raghavan Nambiar (Jayaram) from the Indian consulate. The Moscow story arc is interspersed with the story of Gautham and Shenba (Kangana Ranaut), Gautham’s fiancé. They were scheduled to marry once Gautham returns from Moscow.

The Shenba story arc comes as a flashback and tells of their first meeting and how they fall in love and get engaged. This arc is cute and humorous. Shenba is from Gautham’s sister’s village and they meet in a humorous situation, when Gautham tries to save Shenba from four men chasing her, only to realize she was racing with them. Their subsequent meetings are in funny and awkward situations as well and lend humor and interest to the story. The Moscow arc, however, proceeds in a standard manner, with Gautham finding out who framed him and ending it in a sort of Mexican standoff, in the middle of a desert filled with electric towers, extremely reminiscent of the finale in “Seven”.

Kangana Ranaut was lovable and gorgeous as Shenba and that part of the story was worth watching. The scenes in Moscow are well-shot and make a better tourism advert than Istanbul (in Mission Istanbul) and Australia (in Love Story 2050).

Due to a scheduling mix-up, I had no other movie for the weekend. So, I ended up seeing the other Tamil movie for the weekend (Scary, considering I barely understand Tamil). “Saroja” is the story four friends, who go for a cricket match in Hyderabad in what looked like a cross between a Beetle and an Omni. I am not sure whether they started off from Chennai or Hyderabad, but it takes them a long ride to their destination. Their route is cut off by an accident and they decide to turn back home. On their way back, they decide to take a “short cut”, but ends up in a desolate industrial area as dusk approaches. There they run into some goons hiding out in the area and are stuck with no way to leave as their van crashes. Oh, did I say the daughter of a rich guy in Hyderabad is kidnapped in the beginning of the movie. The story proceeds with the friends trying to find a way past the goons and maybe, find the kidnapped girl by chance.

The story is focused on the four friends. The distraught parents and the helpful cop (Jayaram) get insufficient airtime and their tears go largely to waste. The story is more about humor than emotion and fulfils that objective. The story starts weakly, though, as it leaves a few holes unplugged (One of the friends in love with a girl, who is in love with one of the friends. That arc and the girl is written out after they start for the game). One of the disappointing aspects regarding “Dham Dhoom” for me was the Malayalam media was running features about Jayaram’s role as the villain in the movie, killing any suspense regarding the Moscow arc. So, I’ll stop short of doing the same for “Saroja” : )


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