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Rock On,Wall-E

Posted by RB Kollannur on September 11, 2008

Wall-E is a charming love story of two robots. Wall-E, the main protagonist, is a garbage collector left behind by humanity to clean up accumulated garbage. After seven hundred years in isolation, Wall-E is the last of its kind, keeping himself active by scavenging parts of other Wall-E. He has also developed limited sentience. He has developed affinity towards some of the junk he finds and collects them. He also seems to have developed a longingness for love, seen to be exhibited by holding hands in a movie he constantly watches. He has a pet cockroach as well and humble abode to rest in the night and shelter from the ever so frequent dust storms. His life comes to a stop when he meets EVE, a robot sent by the humans to check on earth for life. Only if plant life is possible can humans return. Luckily Wall-E has a plant in his collectibles and EVE goes back to the humans’ spaceship along with the other drones and a stowaway, Wall-E. In the spaceship, humans have adapted to a luxurious and lazy life and have devolved like HG Wells’s Eloi. The plant is the trigger to the return flight to Earth, but the robots, which run the ship, are bent on seeing that doesn’t happen. Only Wall-E, EVE and the ship’s overweight capatin can stand in their way, although the captain is just learning how to crawl, let alone stand.

Wall-E is an appealing story about love and innocence. The story is clichéd, but Wall-E and EVE enchant the audience with their sweet innocence. The way they communicate with mechanic sounds is cute and charming. Overall, it is a nice and entertaining movie that can appeal to any audience.

Rock On is the story of four former friends, who had a rock band in college but went separate ways after an ugly breakup. Aditya (Farhan Akthar) is a stoic investment broker leading on a successful life with his wife Sakshi (Prachi Desai), KD (Purab Kohli) is working in his dad’s jewelry business, Rob (Luke Kenny) is a composer for music directors and ad makers and Joe (Arjun Rampal) is a guitarist living in the past, living off his wife, Debbie (Shahana Goswami) who is running his family business and taking care of his family. Sakshi, concerned about her husband, who seems slipping away from her into self-inflicted web of isolation, seeks to cheer up Aditya. A chance meeting with KD and some surprising revelations of Aditya’s happy and unfettered past, makes her believe bringing the four friends back together will bring back the smile on her husband’s face.

Rock On combines good music and good story to bring you an excellent entertainer. It is one of the better movies in the Bollywood calendar along with Jaane Tu and Race, aimed at mass audience. The movie introduces some new Bollywood blood, with Farhan coming from behind the screen and Prachi from the small screen. Both of them comes of well. Prachi, the loving wife, always seem to have a spark in her eye and a smile on her face and can cheer up any audience. Farhan does a good transition from the easy-going rocker to the stoic broker. He uses his vocal chords without a blemish as well. Purab Kohli is underused, but still pulls off the role of the comic sidekick pretty well. Arjun Rampal is the hot-blooded guitarist, who has become a reserved introvert after the breakup. He plays the part with class and adds finesse to the cast. Luke Kenny is the glue to the band and acts as the completion for the friends. He becomes the butt of many jokes, especially from KD, who always remarks about his obvious balding. The acting highlight is Shahana, the overburdened wife, having to deal with her husband’s languishing fish business, a husband who has lost his inspiration about life and music, and her own disappointments in life like the designing career she had to forego to take care of her family.

The story runs in an expected line. The movie is sprinkled with good songs to keep the rhythm and enliven the good spirits. Having kept to a clichéd formula, the story has few surprises. But a disappointing part for me was how they handled the ex-girlfriend (Farhan’s) part. I had thought they might kill her off as one of the reasons for the initial breakup, but the writers chose to keep her alive for an awkward and clumsy interaction of the hero, his wife and the ex. Besides that, the script gels well to create an exceptional movie.


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