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Move Over Rajinikanth, Bachchan Pandey’s here

Posted by RB Kollannur on September 11, 2008

“First impression is the last impression” – Lakhan Singh urf Bhaiyyaji.

For years, Super Star Rajinikanth has defined the meaning of the word “Style”. With Sivaji last year, rapping to the “Style”, Rajinikanth personified style and made the word his own. Not for long. For now, we have a young upstart from Haridwar set to dethrone the star. Bachchan Pandey is the name and style is his game. Move over, the next gen has arrived. Tashan has, in my opinion, rewritten the meaning of the word style, like never before. Bachchan Pandey has shown himself to be in a class unto himself, better than everyone else. The movie started with the clichéd approach, with the boy meeting the girl. Then, the scene moves to Lakhan Singh urf Bhaiyyaji, whose Bhojpuri, (I think it was) was beyond my understanding. And then he spoke in English, I think. The movie needed subtitles in Hindi, English & Swahili. ( If u can have two sets of subtitles, why not a third). But this was all before the Star, Bachchan Pandey arrives on the set.

Enter Bachchan Pandey, with all the ten smiling heads of Ravana. The movie changes completely from head to toe from there. A song sequence in Thar, very reminiscent of a song from Sivaji, and I was convinced the movie was made for Kollywood. Then, the action starts. The sequences are mind boggling. The stars dodge the bullets, something taken for granted in most Indian movies, but still the heroes are surrounded by many. Then, Bachchan Pandey comes into action. With an accompanying song sequence, Bachchan Pandey shows his Tashan as he demolishes the enemy in a over explosive array of action sequence which boggles the mind and surpassed the best Rajinikanth can throw up on a sane day, bordering insanity and the arithmetic laws of virtual action. He shrugs of a bullet like Salman Khan in Pyaar Kiya to Darna Kya, and moves on saving the day. But this is just the beginning.

The fight sequence at the end brings about an innovative display of skill, rivalling the grand finale of Woody Allen’s Casino Royale spoof in the 70s ( Or was it the 80s) . And in the end, the legend of Bachchan Pandey lives on in the alleys of Haridwar….

Have to say, as a Hindi movie it reaches a new low. One of my colleagues took a sabbatical from Bollywood after Krazzy4. Wonder what he’ll say to this audacious display of action. Had they made it in Tamil, it would have reaped big time. Nevertheless, it did start in a slow week and apparently topped the Hindi movie charts in its first week. I do hope they spin off Bachchan Pandey into a new character and start working on sequels. In style, he surpassed everyone, even the Super Star. But then, there is Smith, the carrot killer from Shoot ‘Em Up.

Afterthought : May be it’s not a good idea for me to comment on Tamil movies. After all, I’ve seen just one till date, and that too because it had Nayantara in the starring role.

Note : The arithmetic laws of virtual action are a completely made up term and means absolutely nothing. I just wanted to write something long and high sounding.


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