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A Singh and Some Haseenas

Posted by RB Kollannur on September 11, 2008

Enough media has been invested in “Singh is Kinng” (Have I got the number of N’s correct?) and “Bachna Ae Haseeno” to make even the reluctant Hindi movie-goer curious. And a lull in English movies gave me the necessary impetus to get rid of the inertia.

“Singh is Kinng” is yet another attempt by Akshay Kumar to embrace his comic side. It’s about a happy go lucky chap, Happy, who goes lucky after meeting Lucky. Lucky, however, was not so happy to see Happy, and neither was he lucky. Happy becomes a lucky replacement till Lucky become happy. In the end, everybody is happy and so is Happy.

That pretty much sums up my opinion of the movie. It is a comedy that borders the realm of stupidity. Oh yeah, there are also Katrina Kaif, couple of Javed Jaffreys and Neha Dupia, as a Bollywood wannabe (following up on her role in Mithya) and talking in movie names. It is funny, but klutzy funny; provides good amusement.

“Bachna Ae Haseeno” is a classic case of the lack of financial sense in Bollywood. BAH is essentially two movies rolled into one. The first one is about the antics of a playboy / person with commitment issues (not sure which it should be). He breaks the heart of a DDLJ addicted “teen” Minisha in a European holiday and follows up with a live-in with Bipasha only to run off on wedding day. He finally falls for Deepika, who is the perfect girl with no intentions to commit. The first half leaves you in a cliffhanger as Deepika breaks Ranbir, who finally gets back his medicine. The second one is about the protagonist trying to make amends, seeking apology for his “priors” and win his lady love. The first half comes off good, but the second half fails to live up to expectations.

Only Bollywood would couple two movies to give you a three hour long of tiring drama. Switch to Hollywood, we will have the two halves spun off into two different movies. Two movies mean twice the revenue. There will be higher costs but revenue will make up for the loss. Both the halves could have been lengthened to make stand alone stories. For example, there are lots of questions left about Ranbir’s character. He seems to be scared of commitment in one relationship, but is practically running with an engagement ring in another. The first half could have provided better insights of Ranbir’s character and added more humor. The second half was passé. It needed to keep audience interested. It has nothing to keep the viewers interested and ends in a clichéd note. Minisha was bubbly as a teenager, though she looked twice the age and was probably the acting high point of the movie.


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